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Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp | DC October 2016 DataScienceDojo

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Welcome to Data Science Dojo! Learn data science and data engineering from a company that has trained over 2200 aspiring data scientists from more than 230 companies globally.

At Data Science Dojo, we believe that you do not need an advanced degree or months of training to get started with data science. Our attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including software development, medicine, education, project management, public service, finance, and more. Our hands-on curriculum will get you started with practical data science and data engineering in just 5 days. Our experienced teaching team has iteratively refined the curriculum so you can tackle real world problems right away.

Learn the theory and practice of data science and engineering using state of the art tools:

  • Explore, visualize, and cluster data
  • Build and evaluate predictive models for classification and regression
  • Design online experiments
  • Build an end-to-end internet of things (IoT) solution.
  • Through hands-on exercises, you will be exposed to a variety of technologies: Hive, Spark, Mahout, Hadoop, stream processors, data ingestors.

After the bootcamp, our mentors will guide you as you take on new data science problems through Kaggle competitions.


Recommend knowledge of at least one programming/scripting language or computing environment. For anything else you should know, we have a series of online tutorials that will prepare you for the bootcamp!


  1. 50% Lectures + 50% Labs, Exercises, and Demos
  2. 10 hours of preparatory work through videos and online training materials
  3. 50 hours of in-class training
  4. Mentored Kaggle project participation

Discussion Forum

You can engage with the curriculum faculty and your fellow classmates in the Discussion Forums in this course. We want to be able to address all your questions both in-class and outside of class. If there is something that did not make sense, or if you have questions about how to use a particular tool, please post your questions on the discussion board. We encourage everyone to participate, give feedback, and also provide suggestions to fellow peers.


Once you have completed the 5-day training, you will be issued a certificate that you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile for others to see. Note that the certificate does not represent official academic credit.


Course Staff Image #1

Raja Iqbal

Raja has worked at Microsoft Bing and Bing Ads in various research and development roles in data science and machine learning.

Course Staff Image #2

Phuc Duong

Phuc holds a Bachelors degree in Business with a focus on Information Systems and Accounting from the University of Washington.

Course Staff Image #3

Monazzah Usmani

Monazzah holds a Master’s degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s in Applied and Pure Mathematics.